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Bartenders Guild Ghana wish to inform the general public and all whisky lovers about this year’s International Whisky Sour Day which falls on Thursday 25th of August 2016.

FEATURE: A look at the Definition of Music to the Musician, The Fan & StakeHolder

Most of the time we hear three definitions of music and what constitute good music.   The fan have their own definition of what music is while the musician themselves also have their own definition and then the industry stakeholder such as the radio Presenter, DJ, Pundits and even managers. 

How does your Favorite Musician Call You - SarkNative, ELien, BeccaHearts, Gimgam, or ?

I am sure you have a favorite musician you follow in the music industry from Ghana in what ever genre you love but have you paid attention to how the artistes call you? I did a little survey to find out how Ghanaian artistes address their fanbase and why they do that. I also try to compare it to the foreign musicians to see if artistes from the western side have a name for their fans. 

REVIEW: A look at how Different EL’s BAR III album will be judging from Album Cover

Have you seen the album cover for the new EL BAR ||| album? what is your take on it and does it give you an idea of the direction the 2016 artiste of the year is going with the unreleased album? Does it also show you a different side of the rapper? Well, i take a look at the direction of the new album and why EL chooses to go shirtless in new album cover. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores on debut for Manchester United

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores on debut for Manchester United and continues to maintain his record of scoring in all his first games for his clubs from Champions league down to Serie A and now the premiership. 

How the EPL Top 4 Looks Now with one more game to end Day 1

With Chelsea FC yet to play, Manchester United is at the top of the Premiere league table with Liverpool, Hull City and Manchester City in 2nd - 4th place respectively. The big question is will Manchester United be there for long or a tomorrow game between Chelsea and West Ham.